[Webinar] Preparing for the new digital normal

Webinar Recording

Preparing people, teams and global organisations for the new ‘digital normal’

As people and businesses adapt to a world with COVID-19, what can leaders do to make sure their teams and organisations are best positioned for future growth? Listen to the on-demand webinar exploring the four phases of change organisations are likely to experience over the coming months.

The recording covers:

  • Guidance to help businesses optimise for transformation and growth through their people
  • Tangible ways for leaders to help their employees adjust and thrive in a new remote and digital working environment
  • Ways to maximise and sustain productivity and engagement over the longer-term
  • Tools and techniques to align people capability with business strategy in order to optimise recovery

Companies who are able to quickly re-align the power of their people to new ways of working, are those that will thrive.

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