Life at SHL

Ornella Chinotti

30 Years at SHL

On 5 February Ornella Chinotti, Managing Director France and Italy, celebrated an incredible 30 years at SHL. We caught up with her to find out her secret to a long SHL career.

How has your career developed over the years you’ve been with SHL?
I began my journey as a consultant, but over my 30 years, I’ve had the chance to work in a wide variety of roles and departments. From professional services, I moved to commercial and subsequently went into managerial roles. As MD I had the amazing opportunity to manage different countries, like Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain, and Germany. These experiences help me deepen my understanding of the business and cultural differences.  

What is it that’s kept you at SHL?
I stay because I am passionate about the company’s’ mission. I have always felt that my contribution was valued and recognized by my colleagues and superiors, and I have the continuous possibility to learn and develop my skills, even now.  

What are the highlights of your career with SHL so far?
The first is being awarded a client impact award by CEB in recognition of my team and our SHL client-focused approach, only a few months after the CEB acquisition. The second is being promoted to the role of Commercial Director while I was pregnant, tangible proof that even 20 years ago SHL cared about equality, diversity, and inclusion.  

If you could give one piece of advice to someone new to SHL what would it be?
Never stop learning. Once you join the SHL team you will be surrounded by amazing people, great content and exciting challenges, so embrace these opportunities and grow through them.  


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