The first-ever offering of its kind, SHL Talent Analytics™ is a benchmarking tool for organizations to compare how their workforce compares to the wider industry.

Launched in 2011, Talent Analytics draws on the largest global database of scientifically-based talent assessment data. Today, we have a database of more than 320 million assessment records collected over 40 years.

Organizations have long wanted to know how their talent stacks up against the competition. Responding to the need for an outward looking view of the workforce, SHL introduced Talent Analytics .

Previously, companies had only been able to assess their own talent data. Our benchmarking tool now gives organizations the opportunity to ask strategic questions about their workforce and benchmark themselves against their competition. Scientific and objective data provides answers to questions like, “Are we missing out on the top talent?,” “Will my new hires deliver the business results we need?” or “Who are the future leaders of my business?”

How it Works

One of our assessments is completed every second of every day world wide. We collect and aggregate this data, which enables us to conduct studies every year to provide a clear view of what top talent looks like across industries, geographies, by business function and by job level.

With all of this insight available, organizations are able to pinpoint their own areas of strength and weakness. With objective people insights they can make effective talent management decisions and align their people with their business’ goals.

We work with clients every day to help answer their most critical talent questions, compare how specific talent pools stack up against the competition and gain insight into their future talent needs.