experiential learning

Development Coach

Job-Relevant Learning to Drive Performance

Develop Top Talent Scalably and Effectively

SHL Development Coach harnesses the power of experiential learning by providing structured support for employees to engage in effective, job-relevant learning. This scalable solution targets each individual’s unique development needs, improving learning outcomes.

Experiential learning provides 3x the performance impact.

experiential learning

70:20:10 Model for Learning and Development

Learn Critical Skills On the Job

Research has shown that on-the-job learning is three times as effective as formal learning. However, only a fraction of L&D budgets are typically allocated to on-the-job learning. Development Coach offers a scalable solution for providing consistent, job-relevant learning experiences to bring the 70:20:10 learning model to life.

Sample Contextual Challenges


Establish targeted, job-relevant development objectives by individual to accelerate time to performance.


Drive improvement through practice, reflection and feedback aligned to objectives.


Demonstrate progress and share feedback through anytime reporting ensuring strong engagement and driving results.

How Development Coach Helps You

Unique Approach

Experiential learning activities targeting unique individual development needs have 3x the performance impact.

Reduced Costs

A fraction of the cost of traditional training, saving time and resources by learning through work instead of outside of work.

Consistent Delivery

Scalable solution developing teams by providing easy-to-use tools and activities while delivering a consistent learning experience.

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