Graduate recruiting goes beyond filling your junior positions. They are tomorrow’s experts, and leaders, for when today’s experts and leaders retire or move on. Hiring a more diverse workforce, demanding innovation and change, and shaping organization values begins with who your new graduate hires are.

In order to strengthen your recruiting programs, you need to understand the graduate: their strengths, weaknesses, what motivates them, and where they need just a little bit of extra help (hint, align their personal values with your organization’s!).

There’s an apparent talent shortage – it’s time to rethink the most fundamental premises of recruiting for graduates. Are you focusing on what actually matters? Are you able to select the right graduates, for you?

Graduate Recruiting eBook cover

Download eBook to learn more about what’s really important in graduate recruiting:

  • New graduates matter.
  • Graduates don’t get much HR focus.
  • Organizations need to look beyond academic achievement.
  • SHL’s Graduate Employability Model works.
  • Improve graduate programs with deep data.

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