My Organization is Due to Switch to TalentCentral — What Happens Now?

We have designed the transition process to minimize any disruption to you.

We will prepare your new system by mirroring the set-up and active logins you have on your existing system.

Please contact us with any questions or to schedule a demonstration of TalentCentral.

Get ready for your switch to TalentCentral by downloading the Transition Checklist:

What Can I Expect to Happen On the Day We Are Transitioned to TalentCentral?

In order to minimize disruption to both you and your candidates, we will switch your system as efficiently as possible on your transition date.

We will not close out full access to your old system until you are able to log into your new TalentCentral account.

We will e-mail you to confirm completion of the transition.

What Happens After the Switch Has Taken Place?

Your current system will be changed to “read only” access.

Any candidates who were invited to start an assessment before the switch to TalentCentral will still be able to do so on your current system, and you will be able to view the candidate results as normal.

Your current contractual arrangements will remain in effect.  If you have a unit balance, we will send you a statement of the remaining balance that was transitioned onto TalentCentral.

Once on your new system, use the Quick Start Guide to help you set up assessment projects.

What Offerings Are Delivered Through TalentCentral?

TalentCentral unlocks our latest talent solution offerings.  Our offerings use valid, job-related assessments that clearly map to specific business needs and outcomes allowing you to realize the value and potential of your people.

Speak to your account manager, or contact us for more information.

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