Personality Questionnaire

Rating Statements

You may be asked to rate yourself on a number of phrases or statements. After reading each statement you would mark your answer as follows:

Select circle 1
If you strongly disagree with the statement
Select circle 2
If you disagree with the statement
Select circle 3
If you are unsure
Select circle 4
If you agree with the statement
Select circle 5
If you strongly agree with the statement

In the example below, the first statement has been completed; the person has agreed that "I enjoy meeting new people" is an accurate description of himself or herself.  Try rating yourself on the other example questions.  Remember there are no right or wrong answers.

Strongly Disagree Disagree Unsure Agree Strongly Agree
I enjoy meeting new people.
I like helping people.
I sometimes make mistakes.
I'm easily disappointed.
I enjoy repairing things.

Making Choices

This is the second format widely used with personality questionnaires. You are given a block of statements. Your task is to choose one statement that is most like your behavior in work situations and one statement that is least like your behavior. You should indicate your choices by clicking the appropriate button in the columns marked "M" for most and "L" for least.

The first statement below has been completed; the person has indicated that he or she most likes trying out new activities and least like understanding the underlying theory. Try choosing which statements are most and least like you in the following example questions. Remember there are no right and wrong answers.

I am the sort of person who...

  M L
1 A I try out new activities.
  B I consider other people‚Äôs feelings.
  C I like to understand the underlying theory.

  M L
2 A I have highly original ideas.
  B I am prepared to tell people if they are mistaken.
  C I am modest about what I have achieved.

  M L
3 A I conceal my feelings.
  B I am nervous before big events.
  C I review work critically.

  M L
4 A I like meeting new people.
  B I enjoy setting long-term goals.
  C I usually feel relaxed.