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The Challenge

Our client started a development project in response to the evolving future of work, with a goal to drive performance through development. They wanted to build awareness of development needs, identify future leaders, succession plan, and invest in people development and growth. All to be aligned with their new competency model.

To support the project, the management needed insights on their leaders’ potential, mapped against the new business challenges. For this, they needed an assessment solution that:

  • Helps identify leadership gaps through a data-driven approach
  • Exposes managers to a “virtual business context”
  • Gives detailed insights on the profiles that are fit for leadership
  • Gives guidance to leaders on where to target their development activities
  • Maintains leaders’ active participation by being not only methodologically solid but also engaging and easy to access


hours of travel time saved


managers remotely assessed over 16 days


of development plans are now linked to organizational strategy

The Solution

SHL understood that providing an assessment solution with a data-driven approach that is aligned with the clients' culture is a must. Therefore, to help them gather valuable insights, a Virtual Assessment & Development Center was deployed. This included:

  • On the pre-assessment day, a briefing was done along with Personality Questionnaire, Motivational Questionnaire, and 360° Feedback Report.
  • On the assessment day, the participants wrote a business case. They reviewed the market, identified business challenges, and presented a plan of strategic priorities to address these. Furthermore, they also participated in a role play in managing a difficult report/ customer/ provider.
  • Each participant was assessed by two consultant assessors to ensure multiple exposures.
  • Following the assessment day, individual feedback and development plans were delivered to the participants via individual virtual meetings.

The Results

With SHL’s Virtual Assessment & Development Centers, our client managed to not only promote digital readiness through an engaging digital experience, they obtained insights on leadership potential into growth and organizational fit, but they also achieved the following: 

  • Reduce Costs
    By virtually assessing leaders, 150 hours of travel time was saved and hence, travel costs too.
  • Individual Development Plans
    97% of individual development plans, linked to organization strategy, were in place after the solution was deployed.
  • Optimized Evaluation Process
    The Virtual Assessment & Development Centers solution allowed our client to evaluate 33 senior managers in 9 locations in only 16 working days.

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