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Juggling Work and Family – While Trying to Make the Match

During a year of major life changes, my career at SHL remained a constant source of stability for my family and me.

When I joined SHL as a senior recruiter just over two years ago, I was ready for the challenges a new job brings. My fiancée Cindy and I had moved with our three children across the U.S. from Phoenix, Arizona, so that I could work out of SHL’s office in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We were settling into our new home and I was happy getting to grips with my new role. And then we got some news we were not expecting – Cindy was pregnant with twins!

Working Flexibly

Do not get me wrong, the babies are a blessing! But going from three kids to five when you are in a new place and a long way from family support is pretty tough. After a few months and several family discussions, we decided we had to move back to Arizona to be near relatives. I assumed that would mean finding a new job because I was only at SHL for less than a year. It was a sad thought as I loved what I was doing, but the family situation made it necessary.

As I discussed my circumstances with my manager, we were able to design a new way of working that allowed me to continue my role at SHL. It enabled me to work from my home in Phoenix if I ensured I could operate across international time zones. I could not believe the support that SHL gave me! It says a lot about the SHL culture – finding new ways of working to enable employees to have the right work-life balance.

As I discussed my circumstances with my manager, we were able to design a new way of working that allowed me to continue my role at SHL.

Crossing Continents

As a recruiter for SHL, my work is spread all over the world. I arrange my time to talk to people on the East Coast of the US, make calls to the UK, India, or China, whatever the job requires. Typically, that means my workday starts at 6 am, but with twin boys, getting out of bed early is hardly a problem. It has also proved an amazing opportunity to build a portfolio as a global recruiter.

Of course, the coronavirus pandemic has made working from home the norm, but that was not the case at SHL when I started. Now so many of our company’s employees are finding new ways of working. I’m in a strong position to advise my colleagues on how to stay engaged, connected, and not isolated given I have been doing this longer than most.

I am grateful I chose SHL for the next stage of my career.

If you are looking for a career with a company that acknowledges new ways of working, then look at our open opportunities on SHL’s Career Page.

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Hector Ortiz

Hector Ortiz is a senior recruiter for SHL based in Phoenix, Arizona. He began his career as a stockbroker but soon moved into recruitment. Hector has worked in multiple industries – nuclear, small tech, aerospace, food manufacturing and even spent time hiring for a university. He was attracted to working for SHL both because of the agility and transformation of the company, but also by its assessment products, which he had used in previous roles.

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