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Taking Chances and Pursuing Personal Growth at SHL

Sometimes, switching tracks to pursue your personal growth is all you need in your career. Read Naina Agrawal’s story on how she swapped recruitment for software engineering at SHL.

When I joined SHL, originally I was working as a recruiter. In fact, my background was in technology—I studied for a Master’s in computer application at university and even did an internship as a software developer at a start-up after I graduated. So, when I saw an opportunity in SHL’s digital team, I thought it might be a good match for me and the move seemed like a natural one.

The next step was to persuade my employers I could do the job. I talked to the manager of the recruitment team and she was really encouraging. She said it would be foolish to waste such a chance and that it was always a good thing to follow your passion and focus on your personal growth. Then, I talked to the manager of SHL’s digital team and he said he was comfortable with the idea of me going for the job.

Supported to Succeed

Even then, I was not sure I could pass the interviews for the role—were my coding and tech skills still up to scratch? But with the encouragement of both managers boosting my confidence, I decided to give it a try. I had three interviews in total and at the end of it all, I got the job. I am really thankful that everyone was so supportive and spurred me on to apply.

 Making the transition to a different part of SHL was not so difficult, but it had been quite a long time since I had used my tech knowledge. It took a little while to get up to speed, but my manager helped me with learning all about the products and understanding the projects I was tackling. In the end, the move from the non-tech to the tech side of the business was quite an easy one with all the support I received from the team and my bosses.

Chances to learn and achieve personal growth

I have been in the new role for about six months now and I have learned a lot. There have been new databases to get to grips with and I have had to understand the testing process. Every day feels like a new opportunity to acquire knowledge, which is very stimulating. Now that I am in the IT field, I want to stay in this area. I still have a lot to learn, but it is definitely the right career choice for me.

I would recommend SHL to anyone as an employer. It is the environment that makes it so special. The people are very friendly, helpful, and always supportive. Even when you are learning something new, it feels like quite a smooth process as there is never any pressure and everyone is willing you to succeed. The managers are really there for you. Whenever I have a call with a manager, I come away from it feeling motivated and that I can really do whatever needs to be done. There are constant opportunities to learn from the people around you and there is a real focus on personal growth.

It is the environment that makes SHL so special. The people are very friendly, helpful, and always supportive.

Why is personal growth important?

Outside of work, I find time for hobbies, particularly traveling, reading, and crafting. When it comes to crafts, I like to make handmade cards or sometimes I turn my hand to painting. What I really enjoy is making useful things from objects most people would throw away. What others regard as useless, I often turn into something with new use, and I give it a second lease of life. It is a way to tap into my creative side as I learn something new in every single object that I transform.

 Personal growth does not only help you go further in your career, but it also helps you to mature as an individual. In the end, you will not only transform your life but also others around you. When I decided to switch tracks in my career, I knew that through my contributions, I wanted to bring more impact not only to the company but also to my clients.

Focusing on your personal growth is so much more than just achievements. It is about the process and what you learn in the middle. My professional advice would be to always have the courage to follow your passion. Give it a try and do not be held back by what you think other people will say. When you have the idea in your heart and in your head that you can do something, you really can make it happen. And the satisfaction you feel once you achieve your goals is like nothing else.

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