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Insights by Andy: Uniting Science and AI Technology in Talent Assessment

How SHL creates a fair and transparent approach to AI in talent assessment to truly harness the full potential of this capability.



Hi, and welcome to the May edition of my vlog. This month I would like to talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and specifically AI in assessment. We here at SHL think that this has huge potential in the market, but we also believe that AI needs to be done ethically and in a transparent way.

This week, we released a whitepaper that looks at the 6 areas of AI to give guidance for our customers. The reason why we are strong on this topic is because of the 40 years that SHL has done very robust and very validated assessments. And recently we have come together with an acquisition we made with Aspiring Mind who spent 10 years investing in AI technology. They have proven the same level of robustness and the same level of validity in their technology.

The combination of our science and their AI technology is super powerful! Making sure that we have the strength and robustness of our science combined with the strength and robustness of their technology.

If these can be implemented in an ethical and transparent way, then we believe it will help the market to make better candidate decisions and better decisions about employees.

Let me give you an example of where were have built that into a product. We have an incredible coding product that addresses the issue of the global shortage of coding and technology expertise worldwide and the real fight for that talent.

We built AI into the coding assessment so it looks at the flow of the code as the candidate goes through – rather than just waiting to hit compile and making a small mistake that could mean pass or fail — good candidates could still be considered in the process. This means that up to 50% more candidates come through the recruiting process, which is fantastic from a hiring perspective.

We also see great applications for this in the Talent Management area as well, and there will be more to come on that in the coming months from us. So, make sure you download the whitepaper and look at how you can implement ethical and transparent AI.

That leads me into our big campaign for the month of June — we are looking to take technology hiring out to all of our customers and help advise and guide in the best way that organizations can do that.

There will be blogs and whitepapers and the ability to trial some of the products as well. So, look forward to our tech hiring week, and I will look forward to speaking to you again next month!


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Andy Bradshaw

Andy has spent over 25 years in technology and services businesses, over half of which has been in Human Capital Management (HCM). His career started performing a variety of roles for Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft, including running industry teams and building new customer segments. More recently taking senior leadership positions in mid-market organizations undergoing transformation. These included IT security, assessment and employee benefits segments. He returned as CEO of SHL 2 years ago, working with CEB and Gartner to establish SHL as an independent business. Andy is passionate about using people insight to improve business and individual performance.

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