The fashion giant Gucci saw a 136% retail growth over four years when they nourished and harnessed a “shadow board” filled with young aspiring leaders to directly feed into strategic decision making. This is one of many examples where cognitive diversity – the difference among us due to our life experiences, world view, and how we process information – continues to be one of the greatest levers of success during these unpredictable times.

Generation Z, those born in the late ’90s and 2000s, are often seen as less resilient and more prone to taking offense. However, these digital natives offer a difference in perspective and information processing styles that lends an imagination for what is possible in the world now, versus those of us who are “mid-flow”—having witnessed more social transitions and global developments.

This paper focuses on the profile of the top young aspiring leaders to identify where their natural potential lies in terms of workplace behaviors and capacity to solve problems. The aim is to answer the question of what the young have to offer in our ever-changing workplace.

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