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How to Balance a Professional and Personal Life as Working Moms

Balance is key to building a healthy life at work and at home. SHL’s Sushmita Prasad shares her tips for how working moms can balance their careers and motherhood.


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Over the years, the perception that women belong only in the home has changed dramatically and continuously. Women making a name for themselves is no longer news or a surprise. Furthermore, working moms who are successful in their careers and take care of their families are rising to the top. But to maintain focus on both work and family, balance is the key. It is vital for everybody to have a better understanding of the life of a working mom and get proper advice on how to continue to take on the challenge of excelling in their career while nurturing their family.

It is an honor to share thoughts about one of my inspirations on the blog today. She is not only an incredible mother, but she was also a kickass CEO at PepsiCo., Indira Nooyi. She is my inspiration and my motivation, and she shares some practical tips for balancing it all!

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, working from 9-5, or have your own business, we all know that we only have 24 hours in a day, and raising children can take up every second. So how do we carve out time for our careers? First, I would like to emphasize that every mom and every family is different. What works for one, is not the solution for the other but it is always nice to hear other perspectives and see how others manage their time, use their abilities, and achieve success in whatever that may be. I am glad that SHL provides me with such an environment and support in a way that I can balance my personal and professional life as well.

How working moms can balance career and motherhood

In dealing with these challenges, here are ways working moms can achieve balance in both their careers and motherhood:

  • Look for a company that takes care of their employees—especially moms! SHL has created an environment where women can outline their needs in writing before speaking with HR or their employer. In your role as a working mom, you might be able to find out if the company offers flexible schedules, and maybe propose a trial period of the organization's ideal work shift. This is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate that the arrangement would not limit productivity.
  • Make effective use of time.
    If a party invitation or extracurricular event causes more stress than fun, working moms do not have to say yes to every single one. They should figure out how much their schedule can manage and choose activities that their child will best appreciate. Overbooking removes the fun from quality time and provides little space for much-needed rest.
  • Avoid time-wasting activities and limit distractions.
    Time is a valuable resource for working moms. They must be aware of how much time they spend on every task and activity. To optimize their working hours, they can reduce extended lunch breaks, chats with co-workers, and internet browsing. When at home, they can limit their TV or phone screen time and allot quality time with their family. It guarantees that their time spent together is purposeful and meaningful.
  • Give yourself some slack.
    Working moms put a lot of pressure on themselves to keep their homes spotless and be great parents. No one else puts as much pressure on themselves as they do. When they adjust their expectations, they will discover that a lot of the unnecessary tension disappears.

I am glad that SHL provides me with such an environment and support in a way that I can balance my personal and professional life as well.

Strike a balance

With these tips, balancing one’s family and work-life might not be so difficult. If a working mom can strike a middle ground between their career and motherhood, they might be able to have the most fulfilling and satisfying existence possible—even with their hands full!

However, with all their obligations, working moms can lose track of their own well-being. Maintaining excellent health is particularly important for women juggling employment and family responsibilities.

My transition into motherhood is going extremely amazing but I miss trekking to mountains, hiking, dancing class, and catching up with my colleagues and having that interactive session over a coffee I know this phase will pass quickly as well, and eventually I will be an empty nester with more time on my hands and plenty more to devote to my work. When I have a tough time balancing the demands and stressors in life, I remind myself that there is a reason for everything. This season is full, demanding, and more beautiful than I could have imagined!

Cheers to our careers and being the best moms! Check out our Careers page for opportunities to work at SHL!

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Sushmita Prasad

Sushmita Prasad is an experienced recruiter with a successful background in talent acquisition and talent management. She is experienced in partnering with local and global businesses to bring the right person to the right role. Sushmita enjoys using her skills to contribute to the exciting technological advances that happen every day at SHL’s talent acquisition team. Outside of work, she loves hiking, dancing, and traveling.

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