Is Your Workforce Ready
to Work Remotely?

Introducing RemoteWorkQ: A science-backed assessment to enable and develop remote workforces.

SHL Acquires Aspiring Minds


SHL’s Global Response To The Novel Coronavirus

As workplaces around the world react to the new COVID-19 reality, SHL’s solutions—and its team—are prepared to serve your virtual business environment.


Outcomes Based Assessment

Discover how Outcomes Based Assessment can have a tangible, quantifiable impact on your organizational success.


Workforce Evolution

In-depth analyses of proprietary SHL data across time have identified the key skills and competencies of the future – which ones are gaining prominence and why.

We provide deep people insights to predict and drive workforce performance.

Talent Solutions Across the Employee Life Cycle

SHL Exists to Help You Win With over 40 years of talent expertise, cutting-edge assessment science and more than 45 billion data points, we have an unparalleled view of the workforce.

40+ years demonstrating business results from talent decisions

Advanced benchmarking and predictive analytics

300+ I/O psychologists, scientists, and technologists

Proven predictors of performance and fit-to-role

30 million assessments delivered in 150 countries each year

Companies We Support

  • We’ve shifted from a gut-driven process to a shared language. We are now better able to focus on keeping and growing our highly valued leaders.

    The Adecco Group
  • We can now be so much more targeted about the specific leadership competencies we need to develop in each individual and build this into their day-to-day work.

  • We wanted […] a test that would keep applicants engaged but that would also enable us to sift out a healthy proportion of them. That’s exactly what SHL delivered.


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