Mobilize Your Workforce With Unrivaled Predictive Power

Instantly and accurately identify the best-fit internal resources, as needs, challenges, and goals continually change.

SHL Receives 2020 HR Tech Award for Best Innovative Tech Solution


Best Practices for AI in Talent Assessment

Through research, our team designed this whitepaper featuring six best practices to harness the full potential of AI technology.  



How to Create a Thriving Leadership Team during a Pandemic

Action-oriented behaviors have become increasingly important as leaders adjust to managing and motivating their teams in a remote workplace.

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Navigating the New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live—and the way we work. We’ve collected all of our related offerings and resources in one place.

SHL’s science and technology maximize the potential of your company’s greatest asset—your people.

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We help you create the diverse, agile, and innovative workforce you need to succeed in an unpredictable environment.

One Platform for All Your People Answers

Data-driven people <b>insights</b>

Data-driven people insights

Allow your organization to accurately and objectively identify potential and fit

Advanced benchmarking and predictive analytics using 45 billion data points

Unmatched portfolio of <b>products</b>

Unmatched portfolio of products

Measure skill, personality, motivation, job fit, and behavior

40+ years of proven science and innovation; 10+ years of building the most robust AI technology

Global team of 300+ people scientists

Engaging <b>experiences</b> built on science

Engaging experiences built on science

Seamlessly configured with your existing infrastructure

Turnkey integration with 80+ ATS partners

End to end, visually pleasing, and mobile-first experiences

Global expert <b>services</b>

Global expert services

10,000 customers located across 150 countries with assessments and services in 40+ languages

Offices around the world with 24-hour customer support

From Talent Acquisition

Hiring solutions for graduates, managers and leaders, IT talent, job-specific roles, and volume roles

…to Talent Management

Talent solutions to help you review, develop and mobilize your workforce

Companies We Support

  • We’ve shifted from a gut-driven process to a shared language. We are now better able to focus on keeping and growing our highly valued leaders.

    The Adecco Group
  • We can now be so much more targeted about the specific leadership competencies we need to develop in each individual and build this into their day-to-day work.

  • We wanted […] a test that would keep applicants engaged but that would also enable us to sift out a healthy proportion of them. That’s exactly what SHL delivered.


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