Brainbench, a SHL company, is the leader in online certification for professionals. A pioneer in career advancement tools for individuals since 1998, Brainbench offers more than 600 challenging skills tests, including dozens for FREE.

Why Brainbench?

  • Choose from hundreds of tests of today’s most demanded skills. If test takers meet the minimum score requirement, they can earn a certification for any of the Brainbench assessments.
  • A Brainbench certification on your résumé will make you stand out from the crowd by helping you show what you know.
  • Join more than 10 million professionals who use Brainbench to measure and manage their career advancement.
  • Membership in Brainbench is free! Through your online Brainbench account you can share your résumé, certifications, test results, and career information.
  • Our "See Where You Stand" feature compares your scores with other Brainbench test-takers.

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