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With our platform of unrivaled talent acquisition and talent management solutions, maximize the potential of your company’s greatest asset—your people.

Measure Fit, Readiness, and Potential

Gather data on hard and soft skills, motivation, situational judgment, cognitive ability, and much more with the industry’s broadest portfolio of assessment and interview technology.

Did you know? 35 million SHL assessments are taken every year, around the world.

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Measure Fit, Readiness, and Potential

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Access our science, via intuitive dashboards, to bring agility, objectivity, and fairness to every hiring, development, and mobility decision.

Did you know? Our science is drawn from the world’s largest bank of talent data, with over 45 billion data points on workforce skills, performance, and potential.

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Make the Right People Decisions

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Engaging experiences create a close connection with candidates and employees, while driving assessment completion.

Personalized feedback and development reports improve onboarding, performance, engagement, and retention.

Create Engaging Experiences

Create a Connection
Measure Fit, Readiness, and Potential
Make the Right People Decisions
Create a Connection

Build the skilled, diverse, and energized workforce you need to succeed with SHL.

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

38% more women are identified as high-fit for leadership roles with SHL objective insights.


Quality of Hire

76% of new hires exceeded ​expectations for a ​leading high-street ​retailer​.


Candidate Experience

88% of candidates named an SHL customer as #1 after engaging with our immersive assessment experience.

Applicant Tracking Systems

SHL Integrates with 80+ ATS

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