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SHL is revolutionising how people work.

People long to feel fulfilled and valued at work. This simple truth fuels the revolutionary innovation behind SHL’s assessments, insights, experiences, and services.​

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Our science changes lives and livelihoods.

SHL’s people scientists create robust, patented solutions to enable productivity, and engagement for every employee over the course of their career.​

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Our technology breathes life into work.

SHL’s technology—a suite of AI-powered experiences, personalised feedback, and dashboards delivering people insights—accelerate growth, people decision making, and talent mobility.

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Gamification and Game-Based Assessment

Our latest whitepaper sheds some light on the practical and scientific considerations when applying gamified elements in assessment or when designing a game-based assessment.

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Continuing Professional Development Programme (CPD)

Accessibility & Virtual Assessments

According to Statistics South Africa, the national disability prevalence rate is 7.5 percent, yet employees with disabilities make up only 1 percent of the workforce. With the vast technological advancements organisations appear to be embracing virtual assessments. Thus, this support can be leveraged to support and encourage employers to recruit, retain, and upskill persons with disabilities by using virtual assessments to improve accessibility. This session will touch on how accessibility through virtual assessments requires the development of guidelines to determine and deliver appropriate accommodations for a wide range of conditions and deploying new technologies and innovations without creating new challenges or inequities for certain populations.

  • Event date: Tuesday, 20 September 2022
  • Event time: 17h00 – 19h00
  • Venue: Virtual Session

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Make Transformation Possible for Your People

When you inspire and transform your people’s lives, you will experience the greatest business outcomes possible. SHL’s products, insights, experiences, and services can help you achieve this growth at scale.

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