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Discover our series of insights based on these survey results to understand what organizations are focused on when it comes to their talent strategy, what is changing, what is delivering value, and what the future of talent looks like.

1. Talent Trends: Past Insights, Future Strategies


Read about how the talent landscape has shifted over the past five years and what talent trends to expect in the future.

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2. Navigating the Talent Analytics Landscape: From Data Overload to Strategic Insights

How do organizations use talent analytics? What barriers are there to overcome and what does it take to make the most of talent data?

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3. Hiring in the Age of Automation: Tips to Future-Proof your Hiring

Hiring the wrong employee can be three times as expensive as making the right choice. In this eBook, we explore how organizations can understand how best to hire the right person the first time.

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4. A Deep Dive into Talent Management, Development, and Mobility Strategies

Learn what organizations are prioritizing in talent management today, how they are identifying internal talent, using talent data, and overcoming barriers to run a successful talent management strategy.

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5. A Guide to Using AI for Talent Decision-Making

AI is reshaping traditional recruitment processes but what are the key concerns that organizations need to consider when implementing AI and how can they be overcome?


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6. Why DEI Matters and Strategies to Foster Inclusivity

67% of organizations are maintaining or increasing DEI budgets. In this eBook, we explore how this investment is best directed to improve organizational outcomes and the growth and wellbeing of all employees.

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7. Using Talent Assessments in the Modern Workplace

See the latest trends on assessment usage, what candidates expect from assessments and how success is measured.

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*The SHL Global Talent Trends report was conducted globally in mid-2023 to over 1,600 Human Resources professionals working for national and international organizations of varied sizes (from 1 to 500,000 employees), from different industries (e.g. professional services, telecommunications, healthcare, retail, etc.), and hold different responsibilities within their organizations (such as career development, diversity, equity, and inclusion, recruitment, and leadership development).

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