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10 Reasons Why You Should Hire Fresh Graduates Now

Graduates are heavily impacted by the pandemic, yet are not defeated by it. Learn why today’s fresh graduates are exactly the talent you need in these uncertain times.

There is no doubt that the fresh graduates of 2020-2022 are the graduate batch that is the most affected by the pandemic. On one end, this young and energetic group has missed numerous opportunities and experiences relevant to the typical working world, that usually were entwined with the dawn of a graduate’s career. On the other end, whilst trying to practically adjust to new ways of learning, like online classrooms amongst distractions at home, they have also had to navigate the ever-changing maze around landing their first job, virtually. To date, even after they graduate, many are severely struggling to find employment.

Rubbing salt to the wound, many organizations post entry-level vacancies with a requirement of 1-3 years of working experience. In this case, fresh graduates with no work experience will not even stand a chance. The disconnect between organizations expecting certain years of experience however against an entry-level salary will only further widen the resource gap, encumbering growth, innovation, and opportunity in general. We have seen how this old practice led to the Great Resignation within the existing workforce. People no longer want to put up with organizations’ irrational expectations and it is clear that salary means so much more than mere monetary value—it is also a token of appreciation. We need to stop placing unrealistic expectations on candidates and start hiring with empathy and gratitude.

Why hire fresh graduates?

Fresh graduates, which mostly consist of Gen Z, have so much untapped potential in them, waiting to be explored. Especially in today’s world, these aspiring future leaders hold the key to the future workforce. They have sacrificed so much due to the pandemic, yet they have powerfully rebounded, not giving up on learning and actively seeking opportunities.

In this blog, I will talk about why you should hire more graduates and the tremendous value they bring to your team and organization.

Many organizations post entry-level vacancies with a requirement of 1-3 years of working experience. In this case, fresh graduates with no work experience will not even stand a chance.

The benefits of hiring fresh graduates

  1. They are tech-savvy

    Graduates today grew up surrounded by technology, which means they can easily adopt new technology that you may use at your organization. They embrace the age of digital transformation better than any other generation.

  2. They are open-minded and thirsty for knowledge

    Since they are new to the working world, graduates are curious, willing to listen to advice, and more open to ideas. They are also eager to learn as they want to absorb as much knowledge as possible from more experienced employees.

  3. They offer fresh perspectives

    I liken fresh graduates to a blank canvas. They do not have the corporate baggage behind their back like most of us. So they may develop fewer bad working habits compared to the previous generations. It is up to us to guide them to become the future leaders we all wish for.

  4. They are more flexible and adaptable

    Because graduates are more open-minded, they are also more flexible. Their mindset and way of working are not set in stone, as the pandemic also practically forced them to be adaptable in unexpected situations.
  5. They are ready to prove themselves

    As for most graduates, the job you offer is probably their first job, they are enthusiastic and ready to prove to you that they are valuable and can achieve great things too.

  6. They are critical thinkers

    They are ready to question and challenge the old ways. Our recent study on Gen Z also found that this generation has really strong critical thinking skills and is adept at using these skills to solve problems.

  7. They are used to multitasking

    Gen Z is known for its short attention span, so switching between multiple tasks is natural for them. They will excel in any job that requires them to multitask.

  8. They are more independent

    Even though working in a team is not an issue, Gen Z is known to prefer to work independently—and they will shine as individual contributors. They are motivated by personal goals and overcoming challenges as individuals. Hence, organizations can use this to drive their motivation.

  9. They bring a lot of energy

    Graduates are energetic, full of ideas, and bring a lot of new energy that your organizations need to stay refreshed and up for challenges.

  10. They are determined to create a more caring society

    As this generation has witnessed the negative effect of toxic work cultures on the previous generations, they are set to change this workspace—for the better. 71% of Gen Z stated that work is not their number one priority. Instead, they value work-life balance and personal wellbeing above work, and that is for the right reasons.

Graduates of 2020-2022 may be the workplace victims of the COVID-19 tragedy, but with their boundless potential waiting to be unleashed by employers, they will become the victors of today’s workplace, tomorrow. Their lack of experience should not be the reason why you should not hire fresh graduates. In fact, their fresh perspectives should be the reason why you need to give them a chance. So, what are you waiting for? Make your graduate recruitment experience stand out from the crowd, align your graduate hiring programs to your organizational vision, and start exploring the possibilities with these young aspiring future leaders.

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Jörn Dannheimer

Jörn is an I/O Psychologist, passionate about the role psychology plays in the workplace. His years of experience have been predominantly spent in the consulting environment, specifically within the talent management and broader HR industry. Currently, in a Commercial Manager role, he has a keen interest in business development as well as professional consulting across the broader talent acquisition and talent management spaces. In particular, the use of psychological assessments solutions and services within talent acquisition and leadership succession and development practices interest him.

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