In 2012, only 4% of CEOs in the FTSE 100 were women. Eight years later, in 2020, this figure was still just 5%.

You might question why progress has been so slow.

SHL conducted one of the largest and most comprehensive studies into what makes leaders successful in today’s work environment and found that women outperformed men in over 75% of those contexts.

Why does the glass ceiling continue to be an invisible barrier to so many? Why are female CEOs 45% more likely to be let go? How can business leaders overcome the urge to maintain the status quo?

This webinar explores the systemic change that is needed to address the real roots of difference and looks at our ability to reshape organizations as places of cultural learning and effectiveness.

  • Sian Ferguson, Head of Pre-sales - Europe, SHL
  • Emmy Hackett, General Counsel, Chair of DEI Group, Global DPO and CCO, SHL
  • Dan Mason-Kyle, Enterprise Business Development Manager, SHL
  • Selina Kotecha, Managing Consultant and DEI Taskforce Member, SHL

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