In organizations, especially those working in HR or people leadership, 2022 brought a constant stream of novel challenges and scenarios. Below are some of the main challenges businesses faced:

  • High employee turnover
  • Challenges in finding and recruiting new talent
  • Building and sustaining a successful hybrid/remote work culture
  • Challenges with the new ‘quiet quitting’ career trend
  • Mental health challenges and increased need for work-life balance

As we enter a new year, we look at what talent trends will continue, which will evolve, and we uncover the new contexts that you and your employees will likely experience in 2023. Read SHL’s eBook and discover the top 5 talent trends to watch in 2023 to help your organization plan a successful people strategy while remaining agile in a rapidly changing world.

Data and Analytics is the #1 trend for CHRO investment, as without it, talent decisions lack objectivity, diversity, and positive impact. SHL’s Mobilize solution brings objectivity and accuracy to every talent management decision, with world-leading people science and analytics at your fingertips.


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Read eBook

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Increase the accuracy and impact of all your people decisions with SHL Mobilize.

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Improve Performance

Internal candidates identified by Mobilize go on to perform 22% better in their roles.


Increase Engagement

Employees developed and aligned by Mobilize insights are 82% more engaged.


Deliver Diversity

High-fit leaders by Mobilize are 38% more likely to be female than male.

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