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Employee Mobility: The Wind Beneath the Wings of Your Most Talented Employees

In the ever-changing and still evolving post pandemic workplace, the key to making your business thrive is employee mobility—mobilizing the hidden talent within your organization and helping them thrive!

Employees are getting more and more conscious of their career paths and overall well-being and tend to value organizations that help them succeed in their career. About 88% of employees would stay at a job longer if they were provided career development opportunities. Therefore, the message is clear for organizations: leaders must prioritize employee mobility now more than ever for a business to thrive. Creating opportunities for employee mobility and providing clear unbiased assessment of the employees’ progress also helps them steer their career in the right direction. 

Leveraging talent data is key to providing career growth opportunities, setting them up for success, and helping organizations succeed by placing the right people in the jobs that they are best suited for. What more? Employee mobility places your own people in the right teams who already know your company’s culture and adapt to the new roles effortlessly—saving time and resources to mobilize your hidden talent

Here are a few ways in which companies can leverage talent data to fill the right positions internally and help their people thrive! 

  • Improve Performance: Organizations can use candidate insights that give them information on existing talent performance while also matching them with existing opportunities within the company. When a company helps their workforce monitor progress, they build trust and foster an environment of growth. 
  • Fostering inclusion, reducing bias: SHL’s advanced employee mobility tools help companies accelerate Diversity and get the right people into the right jobs, purely based on their talent. Real-time people insights drive accuracy, facilitate analytical decision-making minimizing the possibility of perception-based internal hiring.

  • Increase Engagement: SHL’s data-driven performance insights provide skill assessments to support the short-term and long-term ambitions of your talent. Through these tools, individuals are assessed based on their behavioral style, motivation, cognitive abilities, and experience. Access to a comprehensive understanding of one’s progress helps employees plan their career, increase engagement and foster growth.  

Efforts towards employee mobility can be a key motivator for employees and can help facilitate stronger employee-employer relationships, build trust and help organizations win. Companies must make efforts to mobilize talent to create a happier, more productive and motivated workforce that helps them succeed.  

Find out more about SHL’s talent management solutions and how we can help you mobilize hidden talent in your organization! 

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