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Exploring Talent Landscape to Navigate People Strategy in 2023

SHL helps you effectively plan a successful people strategy in a rapidly changing world.

2022 was a turbulent time for employees, businesses, and for the society as a whole. Businesses around the world experienced high employee turnover, unprecedented employee burnout, and witnessed a shift to a hybrid work model.

The forecast for the economic and business environment in which organizations will operate in 2023 is challenging. In this video, the Global Talent Solutions expert, Lucy Beaumont, explores the three main threats to organizational success and discusses the complex and changing talent landscape.

To set up for success in 2023, HR needs to have accurate, objective, and joined-up talent data to inform decision-making. Read SHL's eBook 'Navigating People Strategy in 2023' to find out more about the upcoming talent trends that we will see this year.

Discover how SHL’s Mobilize solution brings objectivity and accuracy to every talent management decision, with world-leading people science and analytics at your fingertips.

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Lucy Beaumont

Lucy Beaumont is a Talent Management Solution Owner and Chartered Occupational Psychologist. Her expertise spans more than ten years of experience in the design, deployment, and management of leadership talent. Her passion and focus are on creating a level playing field for all employees and unlocking the potential that can be hidden through individual, organizational, and societal barriers.

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