In the face of rapidly changing skill requirements, recruiting regularly for new skills has become essential for businesses to stay afloat. However, hiring the best candidate for high volume roles is become increasingly challenging.

HR directors must develop a robust hiring strategy that can adjust to changing work environments as discussions about skills and the future of work take place across the world. Businesses can use skills taxonomies to assess and recognize all new skills developing in their domains, allowing them to quickly prioritize them in hiring initiatives.

SHL and ETHRWorld have collaborated to organize a virtual panel discussion to present industry insights on this important topic with industry speakers to understand the most focused area to concentrate when it comes to the Volume Hiring.

This session covered:

  • Explore the significance of skills-based hiring and the emerging concept of skill taxonomy in the realm of talent acquisition.
  • Discuss the significance of targeted hiring processes to consistently meet the evolving skills demands and the emerging role of skills taxonomy as a catalyst.
  • Examine the importance of promptly identifying future skills and developing talent pipelines aligned to those demands for continuous business growth.
  • Gain an understanding of leveraging comprehensive skills taxonomies and the art of skill mapping to cultivate seamless volume hiring processes.