Leaders are deeply concerned about burnout on their teams, but only 15% feel equipped to prevent it.²


Managers have 51% more responsibilities than they can effectively manage.³


A manager can account for 70% of variance in engagement scores.⁴

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Identify Manager Skills

People managers are the glue binding individuals and businesses together, but too often manager selection processes fail us. Learn how SHL can help you assess, identify and hire people with great manager skills.

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Leadership Development

To lead in today’s faster and more interconnected world leaders need a unique set of characteristics to be successful. Learn about the three critical traits from SHL, and start your leadership development initiatives today.

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Maximize Manager Effectiveness and Leader Development with SHL

Whether you want to understand manager skills or leadership development gaps, SHL will provide a neatly packaged, simple-to-deploy solution to help you find the right people, with the right characteristics to succeed.

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