Rapid Growth Highlights Need to Invest in Talent

Navitasys India is India’s leading lithium-ion battery manufacturer, supplying batteries to all the leading phone manufacturers in India and employing over 4,000 staff—all with a focus on innovation to help the environment and keep a sustainable future.

Mohit Agrawal, Head of HR at Navitasys, explains why the need for a talent solution arose, “We are leaders in a very new industry and have been experiencing phenomenal growth. We were really happy with our employees’ performance, but it was hard to hire people with relevant experience—it would often take 12 months for someone to be trained up with the knowledge to do the job effectively.”

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We knew employees had the potential to grow and we strongly believe that we should invest in them to show that they can reach the next level with us.

Mohit Agrawal, Head of HR at Navitasys

SHL Powers the Development of Young Leaders

Navitasys realized that investing in their people was the best way to help fill the gaps in experienced workers.

Mohit and his team wanted to build a ‘Young Leaders Program’ designed to identify those with the highest potential within their early careers population and create a learning journey that could provide the training needed to create future leaders.

Mohit recalls why SHL quickly became the obvious choice to meet these needs, “SHL had a proven background in delivering success and were able to demonstrate their easy-to-use platform where we could get everything we needed. Key to this was mapping competencies to our framework and being able to produce individual reports that gave developmental feedback in a language our employees understood.”

Identifying High-Potentials Accurately and Fairly

With SHL’s High Potential Identification (HIPO) solution, Navitasys had a platform to get their cohort excited about the opportunities being offered.

Using SHL’s scientifically validated HIPO model, Navitasys could measure Ability, Aspiration, and Engagement—three defining attributes that identify true high potentials. Mohit and the stakeholders could see assessment results in real-time through insight dashboards showing motivational drivers and types of leaders across the organization, and dive deeper into individual profiles to discover specific gaps in learning, and strengths that could be utilized.

The employees could access personalized feedback reports to understand how to unlock their potential, as well as a development action planner, linked to Navitasys’ own learning portal, making it easy to find and complete targeted training.

With the platform and assessments SHL provided, we would avoid bias and give everyone a fair opportunity to progress, which was important to us.

Mohit Agrawal, Head of HR at Navitasys

SHL Insights

HIPOs bring 91% more value than non‑HIPOs and exert 21% more effort than their peers.

HIPOs identified by SHL are 12x more likely to be effective in senior roles.

Talent Insights Enable Business Agility and More

Once SHL had helped identify the highest potential employees, Navitasys used the insights to design an agile two-year learning journey to develop the participants. This proved beneficial when Navitasys was able to select three participants of the young leader program to be promoted within a year of entering due to growth within the business—eliminating the need for a lengthy hiring and onboarding process.

Navitasys also gained further benefits says Mohit, “We know the program is working successfully from the feedback we get from our young employees about how much they appreciate these opportunities and that we’ve retained everyone who has taken part.”

Early Successes Lead to Further Leader Development

The success of the Young Leaders Program quickly led Navitasys to further invest in their people strategy by setting up a new data-driven initiative: The Emerging and Senior Leaders Program.

The aim was to build a robust senior leadership pipeline by developing emerging leaders and improving the capabilities of senior leaders. As Mohit says, “SHL worked with us to understand contextual challenges of our leadership roles, identify the highest potential emerging leaders, and create personalized learning journeys for those selected to take part.”

Navitasys also engaged SHL to design development centers for these leaders, so they could validate the results from assessments and provide engaging in-person training.

Overall, Mohit and his team have had a terrific response to these new programs from employees. “With these programs that SHL has helped us implement and the success we’ve seen, we’re securing the future of our business.” he says, “Our employees know that we are investing in their success and helping them stay with the business longer which reduces our reliance on costly external hiring.”

Reflecting on working with SHL, Mohit has been impressed with the service, “We’ve had a great experience working with SHL—from understanding our requirements to the communication and implementation, they’ve been flawless” he says, “SHL has supported us immensely in terms of delivery of projects with shorter deadlines and I’m looking forward to extending and growing our relationship”.

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We’ve had a great experience working with SHL—from understanding our requirements to the communication and implementation, they’ve been flawless.

Mohit Agrawal, Head of HR at Navitasys

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