We know that HR teams with access to real-time talent insights make quicker, more successful, and fairer talent decisions. Today, organizations are bombarded with white papers, best practices, and success stories of how organization leverage their data and evolve their practices. But, we often only hear about the big headlines - the successful outcomes after a large 3-year project - but meaningful change can happen at all different shapes and sizes.

In this webinar, Suhail Ramkilawan, Solution Leader for SHL's Talent Management Solutions, will explore the journey towards a mature talent Insights function, offering practical next steps and considerations for organizations at any level on SHL's Talent Insights Maturity Curve.

Replay the webinar with Suhail Ramkilawan, Talent Management Solution Leader at SHL, to:

  • Explore the importance of objective data and how this enables better talent management decisions and practices
  • See what talent Insights and usage looks like at different maturity levels, and discover ways to level up with some practical recommendations
  • Discover SHL's approach to talent insights and how they fuel talent management decisions

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