A Clear Definition of High Potential Employees

SHL’s HIPO model is based on years of studying high potential employees and programs to identify the critical factors that determine their success. Based on this research, we determined that a true HIPO is not only a high performer but also someone with all three of the defining attributes: aspiration, ability, and engagement.

Who wants to rise to more senior positions? After studying over 431,000 people globally, SHL has identified a unique combination of motivational factors and behaviors of those who are more likely to rise to an executive position. Learn more about SHL’s HIPO model in our latest guide.

Who will be effective when they reach leadership positions? Only 1 in 4 professionals exhibit very high levels of leadership potential in their early careers. To provide a more holistic assessment of the ability to be effective in more challenging and senior roles, SHL has identified attributes that drive future leadership performance potential – beyond cognitive and reasoning ability. Learn more about SHL’s HIPO model in our latest guide.

Who will commit to the organization and remain in senior roles? HIPOs are highly sought after in an increasingly competitive market and less than half of high potentials intend to stay with their current employer. Engaged HIPOs are 1.5x more likely to stay – but how is engagement defined? SHL’s definition and measurement is composed of two factors: current and future engagement. Learn more about SHL’s HIPO model in our latest guide.

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The Three Key Attributes of a High Potential Employee

SHL’s science and real-time HIPO insights significantly increase the chance of you finding employees who will achieve senior positions, be successful when they get there, and commit to your business. HIPOs identified by SHL are:


High Potential Ability

HIPOs identified by SHL are 12x more likely to be effective in senior roles.


Executive Aspiration

Individuals are 11x more likely to achieve executive positions with SHL's HIPO insights.


Engaging Talent

SHL-identified HIPOs are 2x more likely to stay, go the extra mile, and meet performance goals.

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