HR has evolved in recent years by bringing together Talent Acquisition and Talent Management teams to collaborate, and this approach will pay off as organizations look to hire from within. However, internal mobility has not been embraced by all employees in the way that many organizations would prefer.

As organizations rely on internal mobility to develop talent and fill critical role gaps, they should identify why their initiatives may not be as successful as intended. However, do all individuals know what opportunities are available to them in the organization? Are employees aware of their own strengths and how they could be leveraged in a different role, or part of the business?

A big driver for many employees is the likelihood of a larger pay increase for an external move as opposed to an internal move. These are considerations that organizations will have to address in 2024 as they rely on internal mobility to fill roles.

Replay the webinar as Suhail Ramkilawan, Talent Management Solution Leader at SHL, explores:

  • The importance of embracing internal mobility
  • How to successfully develop talent and fill critical role gaps
  • How to leverage employee strengths across roles

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