Organizations are facing more turbulence and unpredictability than ever before, which has exponentially increased the importance of having talent with the right potential and fit to execute on key strategic objectives. Despite this need, factors such as a global skills shortage, a highly competitive talent marketplace, and an aging workforce create obstacles that make attracting and retaining the right talent the biggest challenge of all.

In SHL’s “Gen Z’s Opportunity Is Your Organization’s Gain” white paper we draw on insights from the Adecco Group’s ‘CEO for One Month' Program to explore how investing in Early Careers talent can help your organization to build resilience against current and future market challenges through building a pipeline of fit-for-future talent.

Read more to explore the important factors to consider in investing in early careers roles and to discover how organizations can leverage these insights to align their employee value proposition to attract, secure, and retain the right Early Careers candidates.

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Download White Paper

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