Millions of new graduates are entering the market. Are you ready?

Today’s graduates demand a recruitment process that is highly inclusive, fair and engaging. But, it is not an easy job for recruiters and making the right graduate hiring decisions has never been more important.

Build a Standout Candidate Experience

Create a graduate recruitment process that feels fresh, intuitive, and unique to your organization. Showcase your values and culture and provide clear, honest communication at every step of the process.

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Make Quick and Accurate Graduate Hiring Decisions

Use data to recruit with confidence while building a strong team and talent pipeline for the future.

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Level the Graduate Hiring Field

Move the dial on Diversity and Inclusion by ensuring every candidate is fairly and objectively evaluated for their potential and fit.

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Engage and Secure Early Careers Talent

Learn how SHL’s Early Careers Solution will help you identify those with the potential to succeed and win them over with a standout experience.

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SHL's Early Careers Solution

  • Stand out with engaging candidate experiences to make your organization their first choice.
  • Level the graduate hiring field by evaluating ability and fit with SHL's portfolio of face valid assessments.
  • Identify current and future potential through easy-to-interpret data driven talent insights.
  • Deliver personalized, automated video feedback to every candidate.
  • Meet early career talent wherever they are, at scale, with our on-demand video or live video interview platform.
  • Evaluate candidates using recommended interview questions and scoring guides.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of your graduate recruitment program through interactive, real-time dashboards.
  • Integrate easily with over 80 leading applicant tracking systems.

Your 8-step Guide to Graduate Hiring Success

SHL’s early careers experts have put together a simple guide enabling you to create a hiring process that is objective, exciting, and easy to implement – so your teams can start securing the right talent quickly.

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organizations worldwide trust SHL for smarter talent decisions.

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data points to support benchmarking and predictive decision-making.


more likely to be rated “excellent” by managers after 6 months in the role.