Maximize diversity across your selection process 

  • 99% of recruiters shared they need to do more on diversity over the next five years.
  • SHL assessments provide every candidate a fair, equal chance to showcase their best skills. 


Intrigue and engage graduates with memorable experiences

  • Over one third of students apply to 10 or more graduate recruitment programs.
  • Become the employer of choice with SHL’s Graduate Hiring Solution by engaging candidates with fresh, exciting and branded experiences.


Engage and assess more graduates than ever before

  • The number of applicants continues to rise along with the massive backlog of students graduating between 2019 and 2021. 
  • Efficiently manage any applicant volume with our agile, scalable and easy to configure solution. 

Graduates are assessed by SHL every year across the world.

Engage and secure the right graduate talent with SHL.

SHL makes hiring graduates easier through outstanding experiences built around an inclusive selection process.

dashboard of graduate hiring data insights with bar charts

Stand out by delivering memorable, personalized experiences

Kick-things off on the right note with a warm welcome from the team or a recent graduate recruit.

Easily customize the experience to bring your brand story to life. Continually test and optimize your messages, videos and layout to deliver the best experience that ensure graduates choose you.

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Strengthen your workforce with diverse young talent

Level the hiring field for every graduate by fairly, objectively measuring their potential, fit and skills with our award-winning portfolio of products, backed by 45 years of trusted science.

Drive hiring efficiencies by assessing more candidates than ever before with our agile, scalable and easy to configure assessment technology.

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Featured Products

Graduate Job Focused Assessment

Identify graduates with the highest potential to succeed and grow across roles.

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Verify Interactive

Identify great problem solvers and critical thinkers with our cognitive ability assessment.

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Smart Interview 

Review on-demand video interviews to create candidate shortlists for Smart Interview Live

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Virtual Assessment Center

Remotely gather deep insights into graduates’ potential and fit across job roles.

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Graduate Situational Judgement Test (SJT)

Provide realistic workplace scenarios to assess and shortlist candidates for behavioral fit.

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Give every candidate invaluable personal feedback.

Conclude your graduate recruiting by providing candidates with powerful personalized insights into their individual strengths.

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dashboard of graduate hiring data insights with bar charts

Identify graduates with the potential to succeed now and in the future.

Quickly find and secure graduates with the potential to thrive using our intuitive dashboards that provide actionable, data-driven insights.

And, set up your incoming graduates for early success by providing the right support with help of rich onboarding insights.

Unlock Today’s Graduates Potential

Hire diverse, high-performing graduates with SHL.


Maximize diversity.


Female graduates hired by Bombardier from an applicant pool that was 80% male, 20% female

Excite your candidates.


Applicants using SHL’s solution who said they’d make our education client their top choice

Drive hiring efficiency.


Reduction in the average time-to-hire experienced by a global software client

Transform Your Hiring Decisions

With SHL, engage, delight, and hire top-quality, diverse talent ready to drive your success.

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