MINNEAPOLIS and LONDON – Oct. 02, 2023: SHL,  the global leader in talent insight, proudly announces a new partnership with the BYP Network who provide access to career opportunities, role models and business support. They join forces to deliver meaningful research and practices that will help organizations improve employment experiences and opportunities of Black heritage people in the workplace.

Committed to challenging the status quo and reducing bias in how organizations hire, develop and mobilize people at work, SHL and BYP Network will dig deeper into the experiences of Black professionals to identify and break down the barriers that cause inequity in processes across the employee lifecycle.

Sara Gutierrez, Chief Science Officer at SHL said: “Despite diversity, equity and inclusion being a key priority for organizations today, there is very little research into how professionals of Black heritage experience and perform in the processes that are commonly used to hire and develop people.

“We’re undertaking first-of-its-kind research to understand these experiences and uncover the obstacles in existing talent processes and practices that limit Black talent. We’ll also be looking at how our people science, data, assessment tools and guidance can evolve to improve the experiences and outcomes for Black talent.”

Organizations globally rank DEI as top priority and are investing millions of dollars into new roles, initiatives and goals to improve representation, recognizing the power that inclusive cultures have in boosting innovation, productivity and retention in the workforce.

“To drive real progress and help Black professionals thrive at work, organizations need to understand the experiences of underrepresented groups and take intentional steps to address barriers that are limiting opportunities for so many,” said Kike Oniwinde Agoro, founder and CEO of BYP Network.

She added: “The partnership with SHL holds great potential for changing talent practices across the world and boosting the careers of thousands of people.”

Scientifically developed talent assessments that do not discriminate against any group, continue to be the most fair and reliable way to evaluate job-related behaviors, skills, and competencies. Leveraging objective assessment data on individual’s fit, potential and readiness for roles applied in line with best practices, can significantly reduce biases and inequity in people decisions.

“Every individual is unique and has strengths to share. Outdated ways of making decisions about people and their careers have created unnecessary barriers that prevent many individuals from underrepresented groups from accessing employment and career opportunities they deserve,” said Lucy Adler, SHL’s Director of Inclusion. “We look forward to working with BYP Network, their community of professionals and partners to empower Black talent, increase visibility and drive change in organizations globally.”

In addition to the research program, SHL and BYP Network will collaborate on best practice guidance, content, networking opportunities for Black professionals, and events including the upcoming annual Leadership Conference. In addition, SHL will bolster its own hiring efforts through BYP Network’s job board and matching service, provided through the Javelin platform.

SHL aspires to move beyond compliance and help employers create fully inclusive hiring and development experiences that benefit both professionals and organizations globally. Learn more about how SHL supports DEI in talent programs and its latest research.


About SHL

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About BYP Network

BYP Network is on a mission to advance the careers of millions of Black professionals. Through our AI-powered platform 'Javelin', we connect Black professionals to personalised career opportunities such as jobs, mentorship, events & content based on their career goals. Whilst employers attract, retain, and engage Black talent by gaining shortlisted candidates and amplifying their employer brand. Visit byp.network. 


Julia Landon