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SHL is revolutionising how people work.

People long to feel fulfilled and valued at work. This simple truth fuels the revolutionary innovation behind SHL’s assessments, insights, experiences, and services.​

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Our science changes lives and livelihoods.

SHL’s people scientists create robust, patented solutions to enable productivity, and engagement for every employee over the course of their career.​

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Our technology breathes life into work.

SHL’s technology—a suite of AI-powered experiences, personalised feedback, and dashboards delivering people insights—accelerate growth, people decision making, and talent mobility.

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Be the first to secure the right graduates.

The graduate market is picking up again and with over 65 lakh prospective candidates that are expected to enter the workforce. You need to stand out in a crowded space, make accurate hiring decisions, and ensure that your hiring process is objective. SHL's graduate experts have created resources to prepare for today's graduate market.

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Our Team in India

Make Transformation Possible for Your People

When you inspire and transform your people’s lives, you will experience the greatest business outcomes possible. SHL’s products, insights, experiences, and services can help you achieve this growth at scale.

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