Reseller Partners

Our extensive network of Reseller Partners operates in more than 25 countries around the globe, providing best-practice assessments to assist their clients in measuring and realizing the full potential of their client organizations’ talent.

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International Distributors

As part of an ongoing effort to expand our global footprint and serve customers worldwide, we partner with consultants to deliver our products and services in geographical locations where SHL has no regional offices.

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Our current network of distributors covers Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Turkey, and Ukraine. Contact us to learn more about our Distributor network.

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Talent Management Systems

Boost HR process efficiency and hire the highest quality candidates, leveraging SHL’s assessment data to deliver critical insight into candidate behavior, ability, and potential. Our Talent Management Consulting team brings ROI to your HR technology investment.

Our ATS Integrations

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Make Transformation Possible for Your People

When you inspire and transform your people’s lives, you will experience the greatest business outcomes possible. SHL’s products, insights, experiences, and services can help you achieve this growth at scale.

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