Use Context to Ensure Leader Success

Faced with uncertainty, businesses must constantly be ready to tackle new challenges and create effective plans despite having a moving target.

SHL has found that matching a leader’s ability, potential, and experience to the context of a role increases the accuracy of succession planning decisions by 4x, and identifies leaders who will perform 22% better on average.

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Bring the Science of Context to Succession Planning

The real-time and data-driven way to build agility and effectiveness into your leadership pipeline.

Find Your Perfect Successors

Gather data on ability, potential, and experience using the Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) and an Experiences Survey. Participants are instantly evaluated by the in-built science on the SHL Platform giving you immediate, prescriptive insights.

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Agile Succession and Scenario Planning

Backfill roles quickly with real-time insights. Simply define the contexts of a role, select your potential successors, and discover who is most likely to be successful in that role.

Alternatively, build agility into your succession management by exploring best-fit leaders in multiple scenarios and nurture bench strength.

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Delivering Organization-Wide Benefits

Employees benefit from automatic and immediately curated, personalized development reports, and are supported with agile career paths for roles they will thrive in.

HR benefit from reliable and fair decisions that they can quickly make in-house through real-time objective insight – all supported by the business’s language, data.

Business leaders benefit from leadership positions being filled internally – with confidence, at a lower expense, and in a shorter time – minimizing disruption.

See SHL Succession Planning in Action

In an uncertain world world, having the ability to identify and place effective leaders, based on the context of your situation and market, is a huge strategic advantage. The future is uncertain but you can be agile with your leadership pipeline and plan for different scenarios.

SHL’s Succession Planning Solution brings accuracy, diversity, agility, and speed to your decision-making with world-leading people science and technology.

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You Set The Leader Context, SHL Shows You Who Will Succeed

For more effective succession management, SHL has uncovered the following results from factoring in the wider work context:

Improved Employee Engagement


higher engagement from leaders in roles recommended for them by SHL

Increased Performance


better performance from high-fit leaders selected by SHL’s Solution

Greater Leadership Diversity


more likely to select a woman over a man to be a successful leader

Introducing the Power of Context

SHL conducted a global, multi-industry study of over 9,000 leaders, determining what attributes and experiences make them successful. This research was named “The most comprehensive leadership study in decades” by the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology and won their award for ‘Best Applied Research in the Workplace.’

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One Solution, All the Analytics You Need

SHL’s Succession Planning insights are available as a standalone solution or as part of our multi award-winning Talent Management solution, Mobilize. Mobilize uses a single source of talent data to support all your people decisions.

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Increase the Agility of Your Succession Planning

Build agility, accuracy and effectiveness into your leadership pipeline with the revolutionary approach to succession and scenario planning.

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