Elevate your application experience to engage top talent.

  • Interest in contact center jobs has increased by 112% post-pandemic, making it increasingly hard to engage every candidate.
  • Our immersive branded experiences ensure you attract the best customer service agent candidates, even at scale. 


Hire agents highly skilled at remote work. 

  • 86% of surveyed BPOs are moving to remote contact centers, demanding new skills and capabilities.
  • With our constantly updated assessments, reliably measure the critical competencies needed to staff these new centers correctly. 


Quickly convert the best contact center agents.

  • Call volumes have increased by 85%, putting agents in high demand. You need to quickly convert good candidates before you lose them.
  • SHL automates contact center hiring, accelerating effective hiring while reducing time and costs.

SHL Insights

32% increase in Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) delivered by agents hired by a global BPO using SHL’s solution.

Secure customer-focused agents.

SHL’s Contact Center Solution efficiently engages and identifies the high-performing candidates who can deliver improved business outcomes.


Memorable Brand Applications

Stand out from the beginning with immersive, branded experiences for customer service agent candidates. Empower applicants with interactive, job-relevant tools and assessments.

Memorable Brand Applications

Empower Candidates with Realistic Assessments

With a surge in contact center applicants, it's crucial to objectively assess each candidate's potential. SHL's evaluation technology helps measure job-specific competencies and identify top talent.

Empower Candidates with Realistic Assessments

Unrivaled Science for Hiring

Improve hiring with bias-reduced reports, showcasing competencies, and job-match indicators. Hire agents who impress customers, boost outcomes, and promote long-term retention.

Unrivaled Science for Hiring

Wow Every Candidate

Wrap up each applicant’s sales experience by sharing an engaging, personalized video that focuses on their strengths. Make hiring personal for a large applicant pool by providing automated video feedback.

Memorable Brand Applications
Empower Candidates with Realistic Assessments
Unrivaled Science for Hiring

Drive Efficiency, Quality, and Customer Excellence with SHL.

Hire Agents Committed to Satisfying Your Customers.


Increase in customer satisfaction for a global BPO.

Identify Candidates Likely to Be High-Performers.


Likelihood agents hired with SHL will meet and exceed the goals for Average Handle Time (AHT).

Secure Top Talent Faster than Ever.


Reduction in time to hire delivered for multiple global call centers.