The Three Traits of a Successful Enterprise Leader

SHL’s Enterprise Leader Development science is based on a global study of over 1,650 managers, leaders, and heads of HR. We determined that successful leaders of our hybrid workplace have three critical characteristics: a combination of network, transactional, and transformational leadership skills.

Leaders that can execute the company’s strategy. They can analyze, adapt, support, co-operate, organize, and deliver.

Leaders that set direction and inspire change. They are great at creating and conceptualizing, interacting and presenting, and at leading and making decisions.

Leaders that can build aligned, purpose-driven, interconnected, and energized teams. These leaders work together to create highly engaged populations that are focused on their immediate team’s, and the wider enterprise’s performance.

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Targeted Leader Development for Business-wide Improvements

SHL’s research has identified that Enterprise Leaders are:


Drive Revenue

Leaders with an organization-wide perspective yield 12% higher revenue growth.


Increase Engagement

Leaders with high cross-leadership collaboration achieve 35% higher engagement levels.


Foster Adaptability

Synergized leaders are 21% better at creating solutions to problems.

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