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SHL certification and training leverages experienced consultants to help you administer SHL’s leading ability and personality tests, including the Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) and the Motivational Questionnaire (MQ), including interpreting individual assessment results and building exemplary feedback skills.

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We offer a wide range of courses designed to support HR professionals.

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Why Utilize SHL Training Services?

Advance Your Career

Your qualification is yours to keep: More than 75% of participants say their SHL training was a worthwhile investment in their career development.

Become a Credible and Certified Professional

Our course provides an internationally recognized qualification certified by both the British Psychological Society (BPS) and European Federation of Psychologists Association (EFPA).

Make Better People Decisions

Learn to administer SHL’s world-leading assessment tools to inform more objective decisions that take legal and ethical implications into account and deliver tangible business results.

Course Delivery Option

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Our new virtual course, designed as an engaging, interactive experience for every participant, has the same components as our regular in-company and public courses, distilled into key concepts and supplemented by additional contemporary perspectives.

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In-company courses gather stakeholders together to focus on assessment strategy, psychometric testing policy, and industry developments. These customizable sessions are delivered in your choice of venue. (Note: Many live courses have gone virtual during the pandemic.)

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Public courses offer great opportunities to network with peers and share knowledge and perspective with others outside your organization. See our training calendar for public courses near you. (Note: Many live courses have gone virtual during the pandemic.)

Make Transformation Possible for Your People

When you inspire and transform your people’s lives, you will experience the greatest business outcomes possible. SHL’s products, insights, experiences, and services can help you achieve this growth at scale.

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