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Technical Hiring Trends in 2023

Data from around the globe suggests software engineers are in high demand despite high profile layoffs and the rise of chatbots which have increased the importance of proctoring and plagiarism detection. Learn about latest trends and adapt your strategy to get ahead with the right tech talent.

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Simplify Your Technical Hiring

Automate assessments and technical interviews in 50+ programming languages

Accelerate the hiring process by delivering all assessments and interviews on a single platform and give candidates a sense of ownership in their journey. Then use automated scoring to save recruiter time and provide hiring managers with objective results.

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Increase hiring throughput by as much as 45%

SHL’s technical assessments are designed to support inclusivity. Hiring teams can improve consistency and reduce bias with 500+ pre-configured questions.

Keep more great candidates in the hiring funnel with AI-driven scoring in assessments, which automatically evaluate and score uncompilable code for logical correctness and problem-solving abilities, in turn reducing false negatives. SHL’s latest study has revealed that the throughput is greater for self-identified female candidates.

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Make effective, data-backed hiring decisions

Confidently hire software developers using clear and easy-to-access assessment results on-demand. Either in our platform or via your ATS (applicant tracking system).

Use automated proctoring, including the blocking and identification of cheating behaviors, to reduce false positives and improve confidence in recommendations based on technical assessment scores.

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See SHL’s Technology Hiring Solution in Action

SHL's hiring platform helps recruitment teams and hiring managers assess and interview software developers for fast and confident talent selection. Partner with SHL to make offers to external and internal candidates faster than ever before through a fair and accurate assessment process.

Transform Your Technical Hiring with SHL

Quickly Hire Software Developers


Reduction in the time to hire for one global tech giant utilizing SHL’s Coding Simulations.

Increase Hiring Funnel Throughput


Reduce false negatives up to 45% when using SHL's AI-assisted scoring.

Increase Efficiency


3x the number of candidates assessed for the world's largest technology company, made possible with SHL Technology Hiring.

Skills Report: Optimize Technical Hiring in 2023

Read the latest report from our in-house team of people scientists on software developer strengths, scoring’s impact on inclusion, and coding language preferences.

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Your Strategic Technical Talent Acquisition Partner

Whether you want to understand candidate readiness, fit or potential, SHL will provide a neatly packaged, simple-to-deploy solution to help you get what you need from your technical hiring program.

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