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Learn how SHL’s Professional Hiring Solution gives you the talent data to recruit quality experienced hires with potential for growth and impact.

SHL’s Guide to Hiring Professionals

Quality of hire is a top priority in professional recruitment, but getting it right in the face of ongoing instability in the talent market is a challenge. You need talent insights that ensure you secure the right individuals for roles of today, and that their skills can be utilized in the future as business strategies shift. Learn more about how to maximize the impact of your hiring decisions.

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Simplify Your Professional Recruitment

Get the talent insight you need to make hiring decisions that align to roles as they evolve. Identify skilled professionals with SHL’s Professional Hiring Solution.

Create connections with top quality talent

Engage top applicants with an experience that embodies your organization’s values and stand out in candidate shortlists.

Personalize your professional recruitment process by providing in-the-moment, automated video feedback based on assessment results to deliver value to every individual, whatever the hiring outcome.

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A single source of talent intelligence

Get a comprehensive view of your candidates’ readiness for the role, potential for future success or fit within the organization. SHL’s data-driven people insights ensure you secure candidates with the potential to deliver growth and success. Identify skilled professionals with the capability and motivation to adapt and thrive.

Integrate easily with over 80 leading applicant tracking systems to streamline your processes.

Monitor the effectiveness of your professional recruitment programs through an interactive, real-time dashboard.

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Drive early effectiveness with targeted support

Onboard new hires more effectively, with actionable insights to help enhance their immediate impact and long-term performance.

Make informed onboarding and development action plans, guided by SHL’s unmatched data on incoming professionals.

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Watch a Demo of SHL’s Professional Hiring Solution

SHL’s professional recruitment solution ensures you develop a strong connection with your candidates through immersive, virtual hiring experiences. Partner with SHL for data-driven insights and evaluate professional talent for job readiness, future potential, or role fit, with our comprehensive suite assessments.

Optimize Professional Recruitment in 2023 and beyond

Read the latest white paper from our in-house team of people scientists on what skills to measure to drive immediate impact and long-term success across industries and geographies.

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Why SHL?

45 billion

data points to support benchmarking and predictive decision-making.


more likely to rate SHL-identified new hires as “excellent”.


of candidates named our client #1 destination employer following their SHL experience.

Your Strategic Professional Recruitment Partner

Whether you want to understand role readiness, candidate potential or team fit, SHL will provide a neatly packaged, simple-to-deploy solution to help you get what you need from your experienced hire program.

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