Measure Skills Across Your Organization

Uncover skills gaps and underutilized skills in your workforce, and use data to drive targeted planning for acquisition, development, and deployment.

Assess Once and Support Multiple Use Cases

Skills-based Talent Audit

Scientifically identify the skills of individuals, teams, departments, and organizations.

Upskilling and Reskilling

Support employees and Line Managers in creating skills-based development plans.

Skills-based Onboarding

Re-use skills assessment data collected during hiring, employees can gain insight into their skills strengths and development areas to support their onboarding and career development.

Skills Development: Demo Hub

Our interactive tour will show you how to uncover strengths and skills gaps on your team.

shl skills development insights dashboard guided tour greyscale

Insights Dashboards: Guided Tour

Take an interactive tour of your insights dashboard to experience real-time skills identification at both an individual and group level.

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Find out what skills you have in your organization today!

Drive skill development with targeted insights at scale and lay the groundwork for your organization’s growth and adaptability in an evolving business environment.

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