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Transforming workplaces around the world

  • People Are Your
    Greatest Asset

    We are the world’s best at identifying the potential of your greatest asset… Your people.

    Unrivaled, unbiased benchmarking data that connects your vision to the people you need to get there.

  • Crystal

    Significantly Increase Your Business Outcomes

    From hiring to succession planning, we determine the potential of a person, team, or organization at any given time and significantly increase business outcomes such as diversity, digital readiness, and productivity.

  • Woman

    Advanced Technology Combined with Scientific Rigor

    Our award-winning assessment technology unbiasedly measures personality, motivation, cognitive and job-specific fit for your business.

  • Man

    People Insights Modeled to Your Organization’s Need

    We measure your talent strategy against the competencies needed for digital success, so you can know who to develop and who to hire.

  • Man

    Powerful Visualization of the Potential of Your People

    Our talent optimization dashboard reveals how you’ve driven real business outcomes, such as productivity, internal mobility, engagement, and diversity in leadership.

  • Next-Gen Tools That Maximize Talent Potential

    Our finely-tuned valuations identify rising stars with the ability, mindset, and passion needed to inspire and expand your business. Our integrated technology and scientific approach let us capture a snapshot of an employee or candidate’s most authentic self and provide an extensive, detailed evaluation to recruiters and managers, to ensure mutual success.

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  • Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ)

    SHL’s Occupational Personality Questionnaire, launched in 1984, is the world’s leading science-backed personality assessment and lets enterprises predict talent potential and fit while identifying behavioral styles for engagement throughout the employee lifecycle. Over 15 million people have taken the OPQ, and a new visual reimagining focused on an engaging mobile-optimized participant experience is set to make it even more popular than ever.

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    • OPQ Screenshot
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  • Verify Interactive

    SHL Verify Interactive, our innovative cognitive ability assessment suite, offers an interactive, business-relevant approach to predict performance for your graduate, professional, and managerial hires. Engaging candidates in an immersive, modern, interactive testing process, Verify Interactive tests cognitive functions like inductive and deductive reasoning in real-world scenarios, with performance-based assessments that reflect real-life work challenges.

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    • Verify Interactive Screenshot
    • Verify Interactive Screenshot

  • Mobilize

    To help employers intelligently promote employees from within and master succession strategy at the highest levels, Leader Edge tests potential leaders against a set of 27 demanding challenges, mapping their particular traits and experiences to specific challenges and applying development activities to prepare them to tackle the real-world challenges they’re likely to face in their industry.

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  • Job-Focused Assessments

    What good talent looks like is often a function of the job or industry in question, and SHL’s Job Focused Assessments test candidates against particular roles within relevant industries. From sales to manufacturing to customer service, specific success behaviors, professional readiness, and job proficiency are scientifically assessed to match today’s most vital employees with the businesses and positions they’re right for.

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    • Job-Focused Assessments Screenshot
    • Job-Focused Assessments Screenshot

Workforce Transformation for 10,000 Clients

  • SHL helps us get first pick of the top tier of graduates and lighten the load on the HR team, helping us process more applications with the same number of staff.

    SHL Corporate Brochure
  • Thanks to the new approach, Heineken has improved the quality of the candidates entering the final assessment; line manager and candidate satisfaction are up, and we have seen a rapid return on investment.

    SHL Corporate Brochure
  • We’ve shifted from a gut-driven process to a shared language. We are now better able to focus on keeping and growing our highly valued leaders.

    SHL Corporate Brochure
    —The Adecco Group
  • SHL is helping us embed the behaviors that will make us more agile, accountable and innovative…By helping employees become more accountable for their own careers, SHL is enabling HR to provide a truly strategic partnership to the business.

    SHL Corporate Brochure
    —Bristol-Myers Squibb
North America

North America Locations

Nine of SHL’s offices are located within seven major cities across the United States, meeting the unique demands of American business across a wide variety of industries.

Office locations include Arlington, Atlanta, Chantilly, Minneapolis, New York City, Tampa, and Washington, DC.

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  • PDRI, an SHL Company
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Four Decades of Calculated Insights

Today, SHL is the global leader in HR technology and psychometric science that leads to deep people insight, helping companies craft powerful workforce solutions that drive business results. With more than forty years of powerhouse product launches, groundbreaking science, and business transformation, SHL continues to build on a long legacy of innovation and development.

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    SHL Begins Reinventing Human Capital Management

  • report


    Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) Launches

  • computer


    SHL Verify Debuts Computer-Adaptive Testing

  • dial


    TalentCentral and Talent Analytics Revolutionize HR

  • venn


    Corporate Executive Board (CEB) Acquires SHL

  • person


    Leader Edge Propels Executive Training

  • rocket


    SHL Relaunches as Standalone Company

  • mobile


    New Engaging, Candidate-First Experiences

  • venn


    SHL Acquires Aspiring Minds

  • video conference


    SHL Launches Virtual Solution Suite

Senior Leadership With a World of Insights

With leadership located in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Middle East, SHL’s global leadership team is intelligent, focused, proficient, and adaptive. From developing next-generation products to managing global client relationships, this team works seamlessly together to deliver powerful solutions to thousands of businesses around the globe, propelling the industry relentlessly forward.

Meet the people who help you find your people.

  • Andy

    Andy Bradshaw

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Paul

    Paul Greensmith

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Teri

    Teri Ellison

    Chief Human Resources Officer

  • Arthur

    Arthur Rassias

    Chief Revenue Officer

  • Emmy

    Emmy Hackett

    General Counsel

  • Jora

    Jora Gill

    Chief Digital Officer

  • Himanshu

    Himanshu Aggarwal

    Chief Growth Officer

  • Bryan

    Bryan Whelan

    Head of Corporate Strategy

  • Ciara

    Ciara Jordan

    Operations Director

  • Elaine

    Elaine Pulakos

    Head of PDRI