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All over the world, people are adjusting to working remotely. Meanwhile, 74% of businesses expect most of their employees to continue to work from home after the COVID-19 pandemic subsides.

For many of us, this means developing new work habits, adapting relationships and prioritizing self-development and wellbeing.

SHL’s innovative RemoteWorkQ helps you manage this evolution. It’s a free survey that provides practical advice and tips on how to be a remote work winner.

RemoteWorkQ for Individuals | Assessments

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RemoteWorkQ for Individuals | Assessments

A 10-minute questionnaire on work habits, relationships, and self-motivation.


RemoteWorkQ for Individuals | Assessments

Responses are matched to the eight behaviors needed most for remote work.


RemoteWorkQ for Individuals | Assessments

Instant feedback emailed with a detailed, easy-to-read, scientific report.

For four decades, SHL has been the leader of innovative insights to help businesses understand the talent of their people. Based on the science behind eight remote working competencies, the RemoteWorkQ helps you show employers that you have the skills needed to manage the sudden work evolution brought on by COVID-19.