RemoteWorkQ | Remote Work Assessment

SHL RemoteWorkQ

Make Remote Working
Work for Your Organization

Your employees work differently when they work remotely. This makes the support they require different, too. In a world where working outside the office has quickly become the new normal, we help you ensure they are ready to excel.

SHL’s RemoteWorkQ identifies your organization’s strengths as well as its areas for development and support in this new world of work. This enables you to plan, prepare and develop for remote work success.

RemoteWorkQ | Remote Work Assessment
  • RemoteWorkQ | Remote Work Assessment
  • RemoteWorkQ | Remote Work Assessment
  • RemoteWorkQ | Remote Work Assessment
  • RemoteWorkQ | Remote Work Assessment

Introducing RemoteWorkQ

SHL’s RemoteWorkQ assesses remote work readiness through a short, targeted questionnaire. It’s that simple.

  • Your employees take a 10-minute online questionnaire on work habits, work relationships, and self-motivation. Quick, easy, efficient.
  • We match their responses to the eight behaviors that are critical to remote work success using SHL’s unrivaled psychometric science.
  • We then provide you fast, powerful insight into their readiness to excel and areas where they may need support.

This actionable insight enables your people to work productively from remote locations, helps you ensure their well-being, and prepares your business to function at its best in this new reality.

RemoteWorkQ | Remote Work Assessment

Time-Tested Science You Trust

The RemoteWorkQ is brought to you by the people who built the ground-breaking OPQ.

Forty years ago, SHL changed the world of psychometric science with our flagship Occupational Personality Questionnaire. Now we’re doing it again.

With billions of data points and hundreds of occupational psychologists working behind the scenes, SHL’s RemoteWorkQ provides businesses around the world with a unique, timely, and valuable perspective into the readiness of their workforces to perform in a remote environment.

Why RemoteWorkQ?

Increase Engagement
and Productivity

Provide the exact support your employees need right now

Plan for Success

Identify areas of strength and those in need of development

Transform Your Business

Ensure all your employees are ready to excel in a remote environment

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