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Webinar: Introducing RemoteWorkQ

Using Science to Make Remote Work Successful

Using Science to Make Remote Work Successful: Introducing RemoteWorkQ

In the new reality brought on by COVID-19, businesses are facing a new normal where remote workers are no longer the exception. Nearly every aspect of a company’s day-to-day operations – to say nothing of its long-term strategy – is now being revisited.

In this new world of work, leaders and managers need to gain analytical insights into the preparedness of their employees to work remotely – identifying strengths and areas for development and support. Last week, SHL unveiled its new RemoteWorkQ, a solution grounded in decades of scientific research and designed specifically to provide those key insights.

Join us for a webinar, co-hosted by SHL’s Ken Lahti and Sara Gutierrez, who will discuss the dynamics of this new world, the skills, and behaviors necessary to succeed in it, and provide an inside look at RemoteWorkQ and the scientific rigor that underpins it.

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Ken Lahti, PhD

Chief Science and Innovation Officer, SHL

Sara Gutierrez

Leader, Research and Development, SHL