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46% of leaders underperform in the course of their transition into new roles. This affects revenue and profit for the organization, and engagement and motivation for the individual. Executives and organizations may be underestimating the challenges inherent in leadership transitions and therefore, additional support could make a valuable difference to leadership success.

It is not only the transition itself though that challenges leaders. Constant change and disruption has become the norm. We are asking our leaders to lead in a very different way. Equipping leaders to navigate new challenges quickly and confidently, and guide their people in today’s environment is critical work. We have seen this contribute positively to how effectively businesses might achieve their strategic ambitions.

SHL Coaching

Why Partner With SHL

  • Our track record shows that leaders coached by SHL progress more quickly and effectively towards personalized goals and business priorities
  • We have an in-depth understanding of how human behavior can significantly influence individual and organizational performance
  • SHL’s validated psychometric tools are powerful for enhancing self-awareness
  • Our integrated, consistent coaching process helps to:
    • Understand your culture and business context
    • Ensure individual goals align with strategy and business priorities
    • Recognize tangible return on investment (behavioral shifts)
  • Campari has introduced a range of coaching initiatives with SHL, including one-on-one executive coaching and coaching upskilling workshops for leaders. For their professionalism, customer focus, empathy, and flexibility, SHL’s people tick all the boxes.

    Senior Director
    Global Human Resources & Product Supply Chain
  • If you’re looking for a global provider to help set the foundations for leadership development within your organisation, SHL is the expert.

    Training & Talent Development Business Partner

Coaching Leaders for Excellence

Leaders who experience 1:1 coaching with SHL progress quickly and effectively toward personalised goals and business priorities.

A 3-Step Approach

1:1 leadership coaching includes a contracting and review meeting with the leader’s line manager or sponsor to agree and review personal goals that align with business priorities and organizational context.

Define 1 Develop 2 Evaluate 3

1. Define

The define stage includes:

  • A positioning call to understand context
  • A contracting meeting between coachee, line manager and SHL coach to establish a coaching agreement

2. Develop

The develop stage includes:

  • 1:1 coaching sessions, typically 6 sessions over a 6 month period
  • The coachee taking forward actions between sessions to move closer towards their goals

3. Evaluate

The evaluate stage includes:

  • A review meeting between coachee, line manager and SHL coach to recognise achievements and progress made against goals set out in the coaching agreement

Meet Our Coaches

Our experienced coaches have coaching qualifications and draw on a deep behavioural expertise into what makes leaders successful and outperform. 

Our coaches have extensive consulting experience, working with a diverse client base across a broad range of industries and geographies.

Caroline Beeston

Karen McLoughlin

Darren Perks

Mia O’Gorman

Emily Green

Rhian Blaszkowicz

Karen Hodges

Rob McPherson

Lucy Windsor

Sian Ferguson

Hear From Our 1:1 Leadership Coaching Customers

  • I had the pleasure of being in a coaching relationship with Karen over a period of 12 months as part of a leadership development initiative. While I appreciated her empathetic personality, I truly benefitted from her coaching style, as it helped me reflect, re-focus and develop solutions for challenges in my day-to-day work. As a result of our coaching sessions, I was able set the right priorities and ultimately grow as a leader, thus I can highly recommend this experience to anyone aiming to develop – both personally and professionally.

    Nina Dirks
    Business Unit Director
  • SHL’s coaching helped me to become the better version of myself. Over multiple sessions, my SHL coach helped me not just to realize my strengths, but more importantly how to leverage them in the workplace. With some well -placed challenge and reflection, I became both more efficient and more effective at my job. The coaching sessions were like a journey, and as a result, leadership comes much more naturally to me now.

    Senior Director
    Global Pharmaceutical Company
  • Working with SHL has been a great experience. Both, the psychological assessment as well as the subsequent coaching were done in a very thoughtful way, adapting to my personal circumstances and needs, rather than following a strict rulebook and applying a blanket approach. Recommendations, which came out of the coaching session and which were meant to direct my personal development, were not only of good use to me, but also suitable for me to use and recommend to other colleagues.

    International Telecommunications Company
  • I quickly realised that if you change nothing, then nothing is going to change and with your support, it gave me the courage to voice my more inner feelings. Your input on how to focus on being the best version of me really helped me crystallise my aspirations and reach out to others to collaborate with.

    Finance Executive
    Entertainment Business
  • My coach was utterly professional, allowed me to set the agenda, and ensured that I stayed on track with what I wanted to get out of the sessions. We were able to deliver real, tangible benefit that would help me and have a knock-on benefit to the whole organisation. As a measure of customer satisfaction, I would give 9 or 10 out of 10.

    Senior Sales Director
    Global Telecommunications Company
  • The coaching was very flexible, very responsive, and very business focused. There were real consequences to the coaching—the business was expecting tangible, measurable results. Following performance reviews, pretty much all have delivered significant business results which they know they wouldn’t have without the coaching support.

    Training and Development Manager
  • I have enjoyed and benefited greatly from our time together. You challenged me and my way of thinking in ways that I have never experienced before and I am grateful for that. And I believe I will be a better leader as a result.

    Area Director
    Global Pharmaceutical Company
  • Thanks very much for all of your help and expertise. Your ability to listen, understand and evaluate was superb. Your techniques and strategy’s worked every time. This  helped me build confidence and trust when I was going to try something new.  The coaching package itself I would recommend. I am amazed at the progress I made in such a short time frame. Personally I would like to continue with this and re run the process each year.

    Programme Manager Executive
    Entertainment Business

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