Our study of 9,000 leaders proves that context is an important and underrated determinant of leaders’ performance.

SHL’s Leader Edge solution is 3x more accurate than any other approach to evaluating leaders. Our solution helps companies prioritize and articulate the biggest challenges leaders will likely face, and measure individual’s fit to role.

Evaluating Today’s Leaders

Supported by the most comprehensive leadership study of this century – we’re not kidding, our three-year study of thousands of leaders assessed their personality attributes, tracked their experiences, and solicited opinions about behavior, performance, and effectiveness from supervisors and direct reports. We found that contextual challenges specific to each leadership role – such as growing market share and leading M&A – are an important and hugely underrated predictor of leaders’ success.

Our experts crunched the vast amount of data on 9,000 individuals. We examined 60 variables, such as whether the job involves a high degree of uncertainty, requires managing a geographically dispersed team, or calls for cost cutting. From an initial list of 300 contextual challenges, we identified the 27 factors that matter most to develop our Leader Edge assessment solution.

SHL Leader Edge leverages industry-leading predictive assessments and analytics to objectively measure a leader’s attributes and experiences to match them to an appropriate role where they will be most successful.

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