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SHL’s Graduate Hiring Solution Unlocks the Promise of Generation Z

SHL releases a new study, using the Graduate Hiring Solution, and provides insight for how Generation Z performs in the workplace – their strengths as well as where they need support from leaders.

LONDON, December 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/SHL today announced the release of a study, developed in partnership with Adecco Group’s CEO for a Month program, that found unique characteristics of Generation Z and surprising insights into how its members perform in the workplace.  

SHL’s Graduate Hiring Solution was the cornerstone of the new study that found this generation possesses a unique approach to solving strategic problems and leading change in a time when the global workforce needs it most. 

“The promise of this generation offers a difference in perspective and information processing styles that lends an imagination for what is possible in our increasingly digital world,” said Andrew Bradshaw, SHL’s CEO. “The science and technology underpinning SHL’s Graduate Hiring Solution harnesses this potential for today’s most pressing issues, as well as for the future talent needs of businesses.” 

SHL’s Graduate Hiring Solution includes a unique end-to-end experience — graduates can choose their own journeys with innovative technology that works on any device. Through this experience, they can explore the prospective role and interact with real-life scenarios that showcase their ability and personality.  

Uncovering the potential of Generation Z is paramount to success as the world enters into a recovery phase from the global pandemicThe virtual landscape now dominates how businesses are run, and these digital natives are capable of effortlessly navigating through more efficient ways of working. Similarly, these young leaders have demonstrated a passion for social change that can help keep decision makers accountable as they seek to grow more inclusive and diverse workforces. 

Innovative platforms like SHL’s Graduate Hiring Solution can inspire decision makers to effectively utilize the skill sets of this generation for their businesses benefit today and into the future. 

To learn more about SHL’s graduate solution, visit our site here. 


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