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SHL's Talent Talks Podcast

Episodes 1–16

Training Clients to Use Assessments

3 June 2020

Hiring managers and decision-makers in your organization need to follow the same set of standards and competencies to ensure candidates are assessed fairly and without unconscious bias. In this episode, Samia Khan and Simon Raymond discuss how training helps hiring teams use assessments to get the most out of them during the interview process.

The Role and Importance of Women in Leadership

26 May 2020

Times have changed and more women have been promoted into leadership roles within organizations, although more progress needs to be made. What is the best way to continue growing opportunities for women? In this episode, SHL’s Emmy Hackett and Ciara Jordan discuss their experiences growing their careers and becoming leaders as women. They discuss the challenges and successes they have seen, as well as how to contribute to the growing success that diversity adds to an organization.

Using Blockchain Technology to Usher in The Internet of Careers

19 May 2020

The internet of careers grants ownership of employment data to individuals so they can control their own career data. In this episode, Ken Lahti and special guest Yvette Cameron, Velocity Network Foundation™, discuss the opportunities that exist for people, companies, and our economy when people are given the opportunity to own their future and career through blockchain technology.

How to Find the Best HR Tech Tools on the Market

12 May 2020

The marketplace is flooded with HR and work tech-based companies who have designed tools that are seemingly life-changing for large and small businesses alike – but how do you know when to trust and invest in these tools? In this episode, Dr. Ken Lahti and Special Guest Dr. Charles Handler discuss how business leaders can identify which tools on the market are truly beneficial.

Learn more about the assessment platforms market here.

The Rise of Assessments: How They Create Value For the Employer and Candidate or Employee

5 May 2020

In the blink of an eye – assessments have become a crucial part of talent acquisition and talent management strategies. In this episode, Ken Lahti and Lance Andrews discuss the value and experience that assessments bring to organizations and candidates or employees — this will become even more important in the post-COVID world as we rebuild jobs and the economy.

Using AI to Recruit Talent for the Tech Industry

28 April 2020

It is no secret that recruiting in the Tech industry is incredibly difficult – competitive compensation packages, time to selection, and the need for volume hiring have hiring managers under pressure to find the right people. In this episode, four Chief Technology Officers ranging from SHL, The Economist, The Telegraph, and a consultancy firm discuss the role that Artificial Intelligence plays in helping to hire the right fit talent for your tech team!

Creating a Safe Environment for Employees Post COVID

22 April 2020

Part 5 in a special series with Dr. Todd Brodie.

The discussion on re-opening the economy has loomed for many weeks. How soon should an employer consider preparing the office for returning employees – so they feel safe? How do we know when the office is clean, and how can we coach remote employees to stay safe at home? In this final episode of our special series with Dr. Todd Brodie – we interview Cory Chalmers, creator of the TV show Hoarders, to discuss ways in which employers can create a clean and safe office space post COVID-19.

Talent in the Digital Era

21 April 2020

Technology has changed incrementally over a few decades, and yet we have reached a tipping point. So much has changed that digital transformation must take place over incremental digital changes within an organization. In order to do this, leaders need talent who are agile and innovative. In this episode, Ken Lahti and Greg Robinson discuss what it takes for organizations to digitally transform using their greatest asset – people!

Preparing for the Return of the Workforce

15 April 2020

Part 4 in a special series with Dr. Todd Brodie

It is hard to know what the workplace will look like post-COVID 19, however, it has never been more important to prepare your workforce for life after COVID-19. In this episode, Dr. Todd Brodie and Michelle Keefe discuss how employers can prepare their employees for the new normal through ongoing communication, ramp-up time, and handling fears.

Keeping Displaced Workers Engaged

14 April 2020

Part 3 in a special series with Dr. Todd Brodie

An estimated 16 million people filed for unemployment since the United States began dealing with the impacts of COVID-19, and yet many organizations will need to re-engage employees when social distancing guidance becomes less strict. In this episode, Dr. Todd Brodie and Michelle Keefe discuss the impacts of social distancing on employees and how to keep workers (remote or furloughed) engaged at different phases of returning to work.

Leadership During Times of Crisis

8 April 2020

Part 2 in a special series with Dr. Todd Brodie

Leading during a time of crisis is difficult, but there are several strategies that leaders can employ to help their organizations and teams maintain well-being and productivity. In this episode, Dr. Todd Brodie and Michelle Keefe discuss behaviors that leaders should ideally demonstrate, acknowledge the difficult decisions leaders have to make, approaches for collaborative leadership, and how leaders can take care of themselves.

Building a Successful Remote Workforce During COVID-19 and For the Long Run

7 April 2020

Part 1 in a special series with Dr. Todd Brodie

Is it possible to have a more connected, successful, and happy workforce while everyone is working from home? In this episode, Dr. Todd Brodie and Michelle Keefe discuss the ways an organization can set their people up for success as their teams adjust to working from home.

Outcome Based Thinking

24 March 2020

Talent acquisition has become increasingly difficult due to several factors including scarcity of quality talent and the complex nature of most jobs. Assessments have long been an avenue to assist companies to attract, select, and develop their people, yet many HR professionals are asked to provide ROI to business leaders. In this episode, Sarah and Guy discuss how HR teams can lead their talent strategy conversations with outcomes first.

The Truth About AI in Assessments

10 March 2020

Artificial Intelligence has traversed a roller coaster of emotion in the workplace tech industry and everyone seems to be talking about it. In this podcast, Ken and Lance talk about why AI is nothing to fear. Instead, it has a lot of promise.

Digitally Transforming Inside and Out

25 February 2020

What exactly does it take to digitally transform? In this episode, SHL’s Andy Bradshaw, CEO, and Jora Gill, CDO, discuss their experience with successful digital transformations in an organization.

The Age of Empathy

18 February 2020

Candidate experience has become king in the world of talent acquisition and management. In this episode, SHL’s Ken Lahti and Sara Gutierrez discuss our approach to creating an excellent candidate experience by mixing science and technology.

Moving Beyond the Surface of Graduate Recruitment (Part 1)

11 February 2020

In a time when top talent is scarce, graduate recruitment is a top priority for many businesses. In this episode, SHL’s Brandon Pleaner provides advice on how to attract and select graduates for your talent pool.

Digitalization is Real and It’s Everywhere

16 July 2019

Is the “right” talent fundamentally different today than yesterday?