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SHL's Talent Talks Podcast

Episodes 21–30

How Transformational Leaders Impact Employee Engagement

23 February 2021

Engaged employees boost the overall success of any business, but it can be challenging to increase engagement levels especially in the face of constant change. In this episode, SHL’s Erin Crask and Marla Vega, executive director of EPSI, share how leaders can transform their workforce to be highly engaged within their teams and yield premium results.

How to Create an Incredible Graduate Hiring Experience

16 February 2021

Graduate and campus recruiting has evolved as the promise of generation z is realized. Companies around the world are using advanced technology to create a branded and engaging experience, but what is the best approach? In this episode, Erin Crask and Donna Weiss discuss ways in which talent acquisition teams can attract and select the best talent in this digital age!

How to Develop Young Professionals Early in Their Careers

9 February 2021

Young professionals starting their careers are often not viewed as ready or fit for leadership, but there are major advantages for preparing young people for leadership early on in their careers. In this episode, Seotlelo Rapolai and Thabiso Moloi discuss their experience growing as leaders in their careers and give advice to companies who are hiring new graduates into their business.

How to Build an Agile Workforce Through the Evolution of Talent Management

6 October 2020

The concept of talent management is shifting dramatically – remaining competitive as an employer is now about creating opportunities for people to develop new skills and also to build capacity for empathic and authentic interactions between leaders and their teams. This is a huge job and changes occur at every corner. In this episode, Sarah McLellan and Galya Rofeh discuss how leaders and HR professionals can shape the future of their organization by maximizing the potential of their people.

How to Become Truly Diverse and Inclusive in Your Organizational Culture

22 September 2020

Organizations around the world are looking for ways to promote a more diverse and inclusive workplace, but many are struggling to build tangible measures of change. In this episode, Suraiya Rasheed and Dr. Jonathan Ashong-Lamptey discuss practical ways for companies to build a truly inclusive workplace.

How to Prepare for the Internet of Careers as an Enterprise Leader

8 September 2020

This episode features a round table conversation with Ken Lahti, SHL’s Chief Science and Innovation Officer, Yvette Cameron, Co-Founder and EVP of Velocity Career Labs, Lidiya Nadych-Petrenko, Global Head of Talent Attraction for JTI, Adeline Looi, the Global Head of Talent & Leadership for Nestle, and Tanya Delany, the Head of Global Assessments for Philip Morris International. This team will talk about the impact (anticipated gains, successes, and challenges) that the internet of careers has and will have on hiring and developing talent within large enterprises. They will discuss how this upcoming disruption changes how they create talent strategies, and the opportunity it brings for talent strategy to take a major role in board rooms. 

Increasing Diversity in Your Tech Talent

25 August 2020

The dilemma of diversity in the tech industry has persisted for a couple of decades, but there are groups of people and organizations who have created real and sustained progress against this issue. In this episode, Emma Payne – Head of Global Talent Acquisition at SHL, and Debbie Forster – CEO of the Tech Talent Charter, discuss how organizations took tangible steps to increase the presence of women in the tech industry, and now are building strategies to increase the diversity of race and ability.

The Unique Value of Humans and Algorithms at Work

18 August 2020

Automation through artificial intelligence has major benefits in the human resource industry, but only if we keep the human in HR. In this episode, Ben Eubanks and Ken Lahti discuss how AI has the potential to introduce a new level of creativity and innovation, and how people leaders can gain the most out of the unique values that humans and algorithms offer.

Shifting Your Paradigm: Utilizing Skill and Behavior Assessments to Hire and Promote the Best People

28 July 2020

College education and employment history are becoming less and less relevant, as the need for specific skill sets and behaviors take center stage in the world of talent acquisition and talent management. In this episode, Sam Whiteman, Head of Product Strategy for SHL, and Scott Abbott, co-founder of Talevation, PHASE4 Investments, and Straticos discuss the implications of this shift on businesses and individuals, as well as how this approach can be used to meaningfully grow diversity and inclusion.

Being a Leader and Supporting Black Lives Matter

21 July 2020

This episode features a conversation between Arthur Rassias, SHL CRO, and Hung Lee, Recruiting Brainfood, about how businesses, people leaders, and recruiters can grow as true anti-racist allies in the midst of the Black Lives Matter movement. Hung and Arthur describe their own journeys of growth as anti-racist allies and will share their experiences of how that has impacted their approach to work. They will share their ideas for how to take action as an ally as well as when to step aside so other voices can be heard.